Rose_MusikFascinoma Festival debuted in Mexico – an experience like a high school camp.

Three hours outside of Mexico City, half an hour away from the city of Puebla, an old textile factory gave birth to the first edition of Fascinoma festival. A three-day festival of music in a venue with long corridors that showed us it’s history in photos.

The weather was nice, not too cold nor too hot. The music wasn’t bad, a line up that highlighted several DJs and live acts, nothing out of the ordinary.

Until Saturday night my opinion of the festival revolved around the place, an old hacienda and textile factory turned into an hotel and leisure center. One could get lost walking around the hallways and gardens while in the background sounds of both scenarios presented various artists.

It was around midnight on Saturday when everything changed and my opinion towards the festival made a 180 degrees turn: The Gaslamp Killer experience – this DJ, musician, Californian guru, gave his premiere in Mexico and it was really impressive. I’ve never met a DJ like The Gaslamp Killer before. A character who understands the primordial basis of the ritual that is “the party”, the reason that people love those walls of sound and dedicate themselves to the search of the “spiritual” trance.

Words: Arturo Yáñez; Photography: Florencia Morán.

The Gaslamp killer, the guru conscious of his relationship with the public, the music and himself. I have never known a DJ or music selector that during his show tells you where his grandfather is from, or which exclusive track is playing in that exact moment, why his dad came with him down to Mexico for his show or that he think his country sucks. That part of himself that allows me to reflect, through laughs and dance, about myself.

His dance connected with the music through imposing movements like his bass, penetrated the unconscious, seeking to make something that transcended the moment. After Gaslamp others DJs continue playing, but besides Mala no one was remarkable from my biased perspective.

There were also organizational issues, like the poor options of food and drink inside the festival, the schedule changes and the lost project of ECCO festival inside the festival was not clear, but considering it was the first year of Fascinoma, all those mistakes were forgivable. I would say it was kind of weird but nice, the mix of people that came to the festival with only one purpose – to have fun. I left with a good feeling like when you returned from a high school camp. I can not but thank the good bet of the crew of Fascinoma for letting us enjoy that quality of artists. Long live Fascinoma!

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