Rose Interview MikrofonEarlier this year we highly recommended the band Houndmouth from Indiana. Now we are back on this track presenting an interview with Houndmouth’s Katie Toupin about male groupies, fashion and music.


Hey Katie, what’s your current state of mind? (Please answer only with emoticons).

I’m on my computer so I can’t. Ha!


Haha, OK, hope you’re feeling great! What is it like to be the only girl among three boys in a rock band? Is it like the little sister everybody is protecting and making fun of at the same time?

It’s different than that. I don’t know any 26-30 year old brothers and sister that all live together. That being said, we are very much a family. There is an element of being picked on a bit for sure. It’s difficult to maintain femininity as the only woman. It’s difficult to maintain sanity. But it has all become my normal, though I’m aware my life is far from the norm. I try to do my own thing as much as possible, but most of the time, if you can’t beat them you join them. =) They are all very funny guys.


Katie Toupin while being awesome. (Photo: © Nicole Kibert /


Speaking about boys: Rock’n Roll is a long history of girls being attracted by boys in a band. The expression „groupie“ basically refers to young girls constantly fainting over her crush on some boy with a guitar. As a female member of a rock band: Are there male groupies out there?

There are certainly intense male fans. No fainting but sometimes drunkenly shouting and getting themselves kicked out of a show. 😉


Let’s talk about your music. Right now new bands either go the minimalistic and black clothes driven James Blake way or the beard-and-banjo driven Neo Folk way – Houndmouth somehow present a modern version of southern rock. Did this just happen or is there a concept behind your sound? A bold statement to the rock’n roll part of Americana?

It has grown naturally. The first record, From the Hills Below the City, was made without us touring or finding a voice as group. The sound of Little Neon Limelight was intentional but not contrived. It is exactly the direction we have naturally and collectively taken. Americana is a genre that has been beaten into the ground. We made our record with Dave Cobb in Nashville. When we were looking for a producer, his words to us were „I don’t want to make another fucking Americana record. Let’s put our hats on and get weird.“ Dave was the perfect person to produce this record.


Katie Toupin at a Show in Atlanta, 2014. (Photo: © Nicole Kibert /


Speaking about style – and fashion.  You are always perfectly dressed. A smart combination of romantic hippie-chic, ethnic accessory, quoting bohèmian and gipsy styles, presented with west coast laissez-faire… Are you gifted with the ability to step in your clothes and just look amazing or are you deliberately composing a certain style?

I own a store in Louisville called Bermuda Highway. Which united music and fashion. It’s named after a My Morning Jacket song. I dress how I feel, or how I need to feel. Whether it be grunge or 50’s flapper dress, it is an expression. I am all of these things at once and try not to subscribe to a certain way of dressing. It’s all valueable.


Photo: Dustin Condren


While I did some research to prepare the interview, I googled your name and Google suggested „Katie Toupin Hoizer“ as a frequent search request. I was curious enough to check out the story and it seems that you appeared at some event together with the musician Hoizer („Take my to church“) and people on the web went crazy about the question who is this girl on Hoizer’s side. Do you follow such things online or do you just ignore it?

I just keep working and living my life.

Smart choice. Important last question: Any chance to see Houndmouth in Europe soon?

Lets hope so. We want to come over very badly. Unfortunately it isn’t our decision. We are well over-due so I’m sure it will happen soon! Fingers crossed!

Will do! And thank you!
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