Rose NerdAfter spending another delicious and wonderful week in Paris, it’s about time to reveal our three favorite coffee shops.




Where you feel loved:
Ob-La-Di Café
54 rue de Saintonge

Apart from the excellent coffee it’s a pure pleasure to feel the warm hospitality at Ob-La-Di Café. The place may be tiny, but the atmosphere is great. And the floor tiles are adorable.

Where you should start the day:
The Broken Arm
12 rue Perrée

Sit inside the bright and relaxed atmosphere of this gem, flip trough the pages of a magazine, or even better: just look outside the huge windows and witness the neighborhood’s early morning flow. And of course: Their Noisette is perfectly brewed.

Where you get a refreshing break:
Matamata Coffee Bar
58 rue d’Argout

Located in the buzzing area around Rue Montmartre Matamata is some kind of an urban jungle. Palm printed wallpapers, lots of plants, and New Zealand fueled vibes create a perfect place for a refreshing coffee break.

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