Rose_KameraMexican photographer Florencia Morán spent a few months on a project in Kuwait. And witnessed what femininity means in a Middle East country ruled by money.

Kuwait greeted me with a dense sandstorm, but what else could I expect if my transition was dense too. Actually I was not afraid, rather it was the expectation of the new world that I was about to experience. Consciously I was entering an entirely different culture to all that I have lived. I wanted to experience firsthand what is femininity in a country of the Middle East, how is the social life, and to see and feel the differences of spirituality and freedom of being a woman.


Try to express a neutral opinion to me, it is almost impossible, maybe because I spent most of my life in Western countries, and even more because I lived this change of 180º after being in Berlin. I can truly say there is an entirely extreme comparative within female freedom and social situation, but I want to try leaving my common perceptions and try to see it from different eyes.

Time passes differently, people live more indoors than outdoors, maybe that’s why shopping centers and restaurants are the most social busy points. Pushed by the weather they are not used to walk on the streets, neither to park their cars more than a few meters away from the coffee shop or restaurant they are going to.


Large private parties – gatherings – are the main form of socializing, of course, men and women are always separated. But … how do you learn to live and share with others, how do you express and enforce gender equality if it does not have the freedom of coexistence? You may never learn, because it is until marriage when you live with a man who is not from the family circle.

Feminism is an unknown word

Feminism is an unknown word for almost everyone, men are the head of the family and society, who makes decisions, cares and provides. And women are meant to be pure, beautiful, and look for perfection, taking care of their families… or their nails and make-up? I found a strong difference between women who focus on extreme plastic beauty, botox, make-up, expensive brands on clothes and accessories and those who still try to be humble not using make-up and remaining dressing in black, but both with head-scarfs.


The hearts of the people with whom I could establish a link, are the same here as anywhere in the world. They fear, laugh, hug, but perhaps with more caution as they do in my Mexico. But couldn’t this fact assimilate to Teutonic hearts? It couldn’t be just a different way of acting, dressing and living to be socially accepted?

Like in Mexico women bow their heads several times to the masculine symbol, and are arranged and dressed to meet the social opinion. Like in Italy people look below the shoulder if you’re not of the same class. Like in Germany, incredible amounts of money are spent to go out and “share” in clubs. It’s not just a different, more traditional way of doing things socially speaking?


All I could notice between all these different aspects, would be the evolution of the feminine being, because I don’t find it possible due to fear of having freedom of action… it must have a strong concern for the improvement of the moral and religious prejudices, so you can try the liberation of being, and break those chains that keep us tied to the animal still.

Curiously, the day of my departure the climate also changed, it became wet from one moment to another as if it wanted to make sure that I understood the end of another stage and start to digest the world that let me see it from my silent eyes and breathe it, live it and learn to accept it.




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