Rose_GlueckYummy Yummy! We talked to Texas born, raised, and based illustrator Carlie Ricketts about the sexiness of food aka #foodporn!

Carlie, where are you from and where are you currently based?

I am from Houston, Texas born and raised. I am currently based in Austin, Texas 🙂

Can you remember your first illustration? What was it?

My first illustration was for a contest at a local grocery store in Texas. I drew a bunny and some carrots. Whoever won first place won a giant easter basket with a ton of cute goodies in it. I was four years old and I ended up winning, the rest is history!

Today, everybody wants to be a photographer (thank you, Instagram!). Why have you chosen illustration as an artistic expression?

Funny you ask that, I am also a photographer. I have previously worked as an event photographer and currently work as a real estate photographer. I personally find that I am able to express what I am feeling or thinking through illustration more clearly than I can with photography. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I enjoy one art form over the other though. As long as I am able to create works of visual art whether it is a photograph an illustration or a piece of choreography, I am happy.

You are also a ballet instructor. Is there any artistic connection between these two fields? A way of creating or expressing things that arise from both professions?

Oh absolutely. I went to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. Not only was I surrounded by incredibly talented humans I also got to spend 4 hours a day dancing (which was followed by another 6-8 hours of dance after school). While in modern dance class our instructor would hand each of us a photo of an intricate blown glass vase. All of the photos showed vases of varies sizes, shapes and colors. We would have to interpret what we saw on the paper into organic movements. This is just one example of how ballet or dance in general is very similar to my illustration process. My illustrations are all inspired by things I visually see in everyday life. Years of ballet training as well as teaching ballet has had an immense affect on my ability to interpret what I see in everyday life and translate that into a 2D illustration.


We pick some of your illustrations that focus on food. We love food, too. What’s so sexy about food?

What isn’t sexy about food would be so much easier to answer haha! I could talk about food for hours (literally, hours). I run a vegan food blog called The Happy House and have an entire section of my website dedicated to food illustrations. It’s clear that I have a (healthy) obsession with food. Food inspires me, the colors, the shapes the way it makes me feel. Its my happy place. It is also on my mind a solid 90% of the time so its only natural that I draw a lot of food related things!


 What are your next plans in art and live?

I just took a job in Social Media so I will be coordinating the social media platforms of a pretty big chain at their headquarters in Austin. I plan to always teach dance as well and will always have commission illustration work lined up 🙂 . Other than that, I don’t have any huge plans in the works just staying busy and enjoying life one day at a time!

All illustrations by Carlie Ricketts.

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