The Power of Party

Fascinoma Festival debuted in Mexico - an experience like a high school camp.

HERTZflimmern in Mexico City

On this HERTZflimmern collaboration between Goethe-Institut Mexico, Rockets Musik, Ensamble and Monodata they chose an amazing and unique place to convene Monolake Live Surround, a project of Robert Henke, a german artist that can’t be ignored.

Berlin Techno nights in Mexico City

Berlin Mexiko Techno, Foto: Florencia Morán
To celebrate the German-Mexican year, a series of techno events curated by the Berlin club "about blank" kicked-off last weekend in Mexico City.

Feminism – an unknown thing in Kuwait

Mexican photographer Florencia Morán spent a few months on a project in Kuwait. And witnessed what femininity means in a Middle East country ruled by money. Kuwait greeted me with a dense sandstorm, but what else could I expect if my transition was dense too. Actually I was not afraid, rather it was the expectation of the new world that ... weiterlesen
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